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The following information for CC'17 is provided for the benefit of all participants and visitors:

Tournament Office:
The tournament administration office is located behind court 2 at the Basketball Stadium, on your left as you enter St Brigids College from Robinson Street, and as you enter the Horsham College Gym. The Tournament Manager and Technical Delegate will be located at the Basketball Stadium - please feel free to direct any questions to this office.
Results of all matches will be entered into the VCCC Result System and displayed on notice boards at all three venues, making it easier for all Association members to keep track of their teams. Results and progressive ladders will also be loaded onto this web site after each morning and afternoon session as well as constant updates on the Country Champs CC’17 Facebook page
Food & Refreshments:
There will be canteens at each venue open throughout the tournament, serving hot take-away foods, salad rolls, soft drinks, tea/coffee and snacks. A barbecue will be operating at the Basketball Stadium on each of the three days offering the famous muffin breakfasts and lunches.
Eating venues:
Horsham boasts a wide range of pubs and restaurants to suit all tastes and budgets.

Vic Hotel – Dimboola Road are the sponsors of Men’s Division 1.

Royal Hotel – Firebrace Street.

Bonnie and Clyde’s Pizza and Salad – Pynsent Street.

Horsham Palace Chinese – Roberts Avenue.

Noodle Village – Firebrace Street.

KFC, Hungry Jacks, McDonalds all on Dimboola Road.

Domino’s – Firebrace Street.

Superfeast – Firebrace Street.

Subway – Horsham Plaza and Dimboola Rd.

Thai Basil – Darlot Street.

Nourish’d – Roberts Avenue.

Tourist Information:
The Horsham Visitor Information centre is located in O'Callaghan's Parade, near the Horsham City Oval
First Aid:
A constant supply of ice will be available from the First Aid room at each venue. Sports trainer Ian Clough will be set up at the Basketball Stadium and Guy Hutchinson at the Horsham College Gym.
Phone Nos:
Basketball Stadium
0487 824 599 - David Berry
0427 794 369 - Andrew Adamson
0409 830 894 - Ian Clough
St Brigid’s College 0429 920 576 - Fern Brennan
Horsham College Gym 0418 530 369 - Vaughn Maroske
Ambulance 000
Wimmera Base Hospital 53 819 111 Baillie Street