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Victorian Masters Division in CC'19

VVI have agreed the Volleyball Victoria Country Championships Commission (VVCCC) include a trial Masters Division in conjunction with CC'19, the 50th Country Championship, which will be hosted by the Bendigo Volleyball Association over the June long weekend.

The event will be open to players from anywhere in Victoria, with separate divisions for men and women. The regulations governing the division shall be the VVCCC Regulations, modified as below.

Modifications to Regulations:
  1. Preamble
  2. The Masters competition is expected to be played in a spirit of co-operation between all teams. The competition is expected to be very social, with the emphasis on enjoyment rather than technical perfection. Unless specified in the articles below, the VVCCC Championship Regulations shall apply to this division, including the imposition of penalties.

  3. Eligibility
    1. Participants must be registered with Volleyball Victoria for the current year, at Social level or above, via any affiliated Victorian association;
    2. Male participants must be 50 years of age or older as of the date of the event;
    3. Female participants must be 40 years of age or older as of the date of the event;
    4. The regulation requiring participants to have played in a set number of matches in a regional association in the twelve months prior to this event shall not apply;
    5. A player registered in a Masters team will not be eligible to participate in any other division of the Championship.
  4. Entries
    1. All entries must be made via the VVCCC website, abiding by the dates set for other divisions of the Championship;
    2. The same fee structure as for normal divisions shall apply to the Masters Division.
  5. Teams
    1. Separate Men's and Women's divisions will be offered;
    2. Teams will not be required to represent a regional association in this competition, and may comprise players from anywhere within the State, provided all eligibility requirements of section B are complied with;
    3. Teams must register a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 14 players;
    4. Teams in the Men's division may include female players;
    5. Teams in the Women's division may only include female players;
    6. The use of Liberos shall be in accordance with the VVCCC Regulations - ie: in the case of a single libero, libero per set, in the case of two liberos, libero per match.
  6. Format
    1. Where 4 or less entries are received, a double round robin will be played. Where 5-7 entries are received, a single round robin will be played, but pools will be used if 8 or more entries are received;
    2. All matches, including finals, will be 'Best of 3 Sets', - sets 1 & 2 to 25 points with a 2 point advantage and set 3 to 15 points with a 2 point advantage and a change of ends when the first team reaches 8 points;
    3. All matches will be played with no time limit;
    4. Every attempt will be made to schedule matches with start times between 10am and 4pm each day;
    5. Social activities will be the responsibility of individual teams to arrange;
    6. The net height shall be set at 2.35m for the Men's division and 2.15 for the Women's division.
  7. Uniforms
    1. Teams must wear playing shirts of the same style and colour, uniquely numbered between 1 and 99;
    2. Playing shirts from previous representative sides, or in previous representative colors, are encouraged;
    3. Shorts/skirts and socks must be the same basic colour and style;
    4. Libero playing shirts must be clearly identifiable. Where Liberos change each set, a coloured bib may be used over the normal playing uniform, otherwise playing numbers of liberos must match that listed on the scoresheet.
  8. Officiating
    1. Teams shall be rostered to perform duty, where possible after their match;
    2. Teams must provide the following duty officials:
      1. First referee (as a minimum, Australian Foundation level)
      2. Second referee
      3. Scorer
      4. Scoreboard operator
      5. 2 x Line judges minimum;
    3. Twelve-sub score sheets will be used, so scorers need to be familiar with this format.
  9. Substitutions
    1. The Australian Twelve Substitution rule shall apply in all matches;
  10. Results
    1. A Championship table will be maintained as outlined in the VVCCC Regulations;
    2. In the case of a single or double round robin, the top two teams at the end of the rounds will play a grand final;
    3. Where pools are used, semi finals will be played with the winning teams playing the grand final and the losing teams playing for 3rd and 4th;
    4. All finals will be played in the same format as the rounds.
  11. Awards
    1. Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be presented to the winning teams;
    2. All medals shall be in the same style as other divisions of the Championship;
    3. No perpetual trophy will be awarded for this trial event;
    4. No All-star Seven trophies will be awarded;
    5. An individual trophy shall be awarded to the oldest participating member.
  12. Other
    1. Codes of Behavior, as specified in the VVCCC Regulations will be applicable to this competition;
    2. All Working with Children Check requirements will be waived for this division;
    3. The Technical Delegate is the sole arbiter of these regulations and may refer matters outside of the Regulations to the Jury for resolution;
    4. Disputes regarding the applications of the Rules of the Game shall be adjudicated by the Referee Delegate or Technical Delegate in accordance with the Regulations.

Download Masters Regulations